Bible Teacher, Youth and Children’s Workers

Mike Henderson, Bible Teacher

Dr. Mike Henderson is a teacher. His passion is to share useful information with his friends—especially African Christian entrepreneurs. He writes books, conducts seminars, designs courses, mentors promising African leaders, and directs the work of Heart of Africa. He travels to Africa several times each year to hold conferences, encourage his African colleagues, and listen to their struggles to accomplish the vision God has given them.

The settings in which Mike has taught vary from a one-room schoolhouse in the back woods of Maine to a graduate school in Kenya. He was a professor of Christian education in two American universities and has served as pastor/teacher in a number of churches, both large and small. His favorite teaching context is one-to-one, man-to-man, preferably around a campfire. He holds graduate degrees in theology, history, instructional design, and adult education from Asbury Seminary, Yale University, and Indiana University.

Mike and his wife Martha live in Wilmore, Kentucky, and Friendship, Maine.

Tim Price and Harvest Ministry Team
Youth Coordinator

Price-TimSince 1990, Tim Price has served in camps, churches and youth events serving as a worship leader.

In 1996, Harvest was founded as a way to invite young adults to experience summer ministry hands-on. More than 200 young adults have traveled with Harvest and the ministry continues both in the summer and through the school year. Tim resides with his wife and two young daughters in Troy, Ill., where he also serves on part-time staff at Troy United Methodist Church.

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Debbie RandollDebbie Randoll, Children’s Worker

Debbie has been serving as the Children’s Ministry Director at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Marion, Ill. for the past six years. She also serves on the Core Staff for Beulah Bible Camp. Debbie holds an Elementary Education degree from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. She developed a love for camp as a child and enjoys creating those same experiences for children at Beulah. She is excited about this opportunity to teach children about God and the Bible through stories, games, crafts and music.