Brandon and Izumi Kuba
This year’s missionaries are Brandon and Izumi Kuba from World Gospel Mission.

Exactly 70 years ago, Brandon’s grandparents, David and Edna Kuba, pioneered World Gospel Mission’s work in Japan, focusing on university student evangelism and providing support to the local church.  They were tremendously influential in shaping the eventual course of his life and ministry by emphasizing the primacy of God’s Word, the importance of faithful obedience to God, living in thankfulness daily, and the value of fervent prayer.

At the age of 5, I Brandon received his own unique call to participate in God’s work in Japan. However, upon graduating from university, he served as a teacher for about 12 years before God emphatically reawakened that call to missions.  Brandon entered service with WGM in 2010.

Initially, as his grandparents before me, Brandon participated in university student ministry in the greater Tokyo area and collaborated with the Immanuel General Mission (the largest Japanese holiness denomination).  Through an arranged marriage between our two organizations, he met his wife, Izumi Hirose, who was then ministering in the city of Shimonoseki, where we currently reside.

They were married in October 2016, and it has been their privilege since that time to be covenant partners in marriage and co-laborers for the sake of the gospel with the Immanuel Shimonoseki Church serving as our base.  Compared to the bustling metropolis of the greater Tokyo area, Shimonoseki (in southern Japan) and the surrounding areas are nearly unreached, and the presence of missionaries is nearly nonexistent.

As they embody a union of church and mission, we believe that God has not given up on Japan and that the fields are indeed ripe for the harvest. The Kubas have had the privilege of jointly participating in God’s work in the city of Shimonoseki for nearly six years, and the Lord has granted them many opportunities in that time.  We are advancing the gospel in Japan through Bible studies, English and discipleship classes, outreach to many local schools through Bible distribution and chapel services, and ministering to our local community through our church.