Children and Youth Camps at Beulah

Beulah Youth Institute — June 19-25

Grades: 8 – 13 (going into)
Dean:  Emily Ehrenheim
Phone: 618-694-2120

We want to invite you to join us at Beulah Youth Institute for a week of Christian growth and community.  Each day will be filled with encouraging worship, individual and small group Bible study, and ways for you to engage with God and other campers!

Not a part of a youth group but still want to join us? No problem! While many campers attend with their youth group, we do have accommodations for campers coming independently. So please, go ahead and register; we would love to have you!

Beulah Youth Institute

Beulah Bible Camp — June 27-30

Grades: 5 – 7
Dean: Debbie Randoll
Phone: 618-889-2809
Beulah Bible Camp

Beulah: the Beginning — July 1-2

Grades: 2 – 4
Dean: Lindsay Vollmar
Phone: 618-660-7552

Join us this year at Beulah the Beginning Camp for “MIC DROP 2022”.  We worship God in church with songs of praise, but that is just one part of worship! Worship can happen anywhere, at any time, in good times and bad times, with our whole life and even when others around aren’t worshipping God.  Regardless of the circumstances of our lives, we are called to worship God.  Worship can happen when we sing, when we pray, when we read, when we dance and definitely when we show love to others!  At Mic Drop 2022, our kids will experience and learn that every day we can praise God in some way. 

Beulah: The Beginning